One of my former jobs was researching and writing scripts for Garrison Keillor’s daily radio program, The Writers’ Almanac. What always frustrated me about that gig was that I could never go into much depth, and had to confine myself to anecdotes about famous people. Keillor complained if my scripts sounded too much like “term papers.” Succumbing to that tendency, now that I’m no longer subject to quality control by Mr. Keillor, I’ve posted a birthday appreciation of Victorian poet and friend of the classics, Walter Savage Landor. It can be found over on my personal blog, Rough Draft.

One of the links in the post is to another classics blog out there,
Laudator Temporis Acti, the work of Minnesota-based “antediluvian, bibliomaniac, and curmudgeon,” Michael Gilleland.

Note: According to Wikipedia, one of Landor’s early love interests was a girl named Nancy Evans.