Someone has reimagined the Aeneid as a facebook page.   Sheer genius! Take a look at it here. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Reminds me of this rendition of the Gettysburg Address as a powerpoint lecture.  Its main goal is clearly to poke a little bit of fun at the whole Powerpoint phenomenon and the way that talking points can suck the life out of ideas.  As such it’s a nice illustration of how the use of rhetorical techniques enhances those ideas by allowing words to have an impact that is more than the sum of their meanings.  It also makes the opposite argument, though, that  rhetoric can  obscure ideas as well as amplify them and that stripping away the rhetoric can help expose the ideas, logic, or coherence of an argument that any given speech contains.  (I’m teaching a Greek oratory class, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…)