About the authors

EcBlogue has four authors so far. If you want to be the fifth, e-mail chardy@carleton.edu.

CLARA SHAW HARDY has been teaching Classics at Carleton College since 1990. She is particularly interested in the performance of ancient drama, as well as gender and sexuality. She started reading (mainly political) blogs during the second Bush term, and figures that classics blogging might be a good way to combine work and hobbies.

Since receiving his Ph.D. in classics from Brown University in 1991, ROB HARDY (rbhardy3rd) has had a peripatetic career as a classicist, a stay-at-home father, a freelance writer, a K-12 substitute teacher, and the author of a prize-winning poetry chapbook. More about his writing can be found here and here. You are also welcome to visit his personal blog, Rough Draft. His most recent print publication is “‘A Mirror of the Times’: The Catilinarian Conspiracy in Eighteenth-Century British and American Political Thought,” International Journal of the Classical Tradition 14:3/4 (Fall 2007), 431-454.

SEAN EASTON joined the Classics department at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2007.  He is especially interested in Greek and Roman epic, as well as ancient magic, the emotions in antiquity, and film studies.

NANCY EVANS found her home in the Classics department and the Women’s Studies program at Wheaton College (Norton, Mass.) in 1997.  She is committed to interdisciplinary teaching and research, and her interests cross over into religious studies, philosophy, archaeology and politics.  Its a good thing that she has made her career at a small liberal arts college.  Her hair used to look like Demeter’s  (or can it be Kore?) (from a picture she took in Eleusis last spring), but she cut it a few years back.


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