How to Cite EcBlogue

Work published on EcBlogue is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license. You may quote or cite work published on this blog if you follow proper conventions for citing scholarly work. Even when using online sources, you must be careful to avoid plagiarism. When citing work from EcBlogue, follow relevant style sheets, or use a standard citation format, such as MLA. Here’s an example of a citation from this blog, using the MLA citation format:*

Hardy, Clara. “Myth for Middle-Schoolers.” EcBlogue: A Classics Blog 16 December 2008. 17 December 2008 <;

Note: The first date is the date on which the piece was posted to the blog; the second date is the date on which you accessed the piece.

For more information on citing internet sources, see this Guide provided by the Carleton College Library.

If you are quoting material from EcBlogue on another blog or elsewhere online, a link back to EcBlogue will usually suffice, along with some kind of attribution.  For example: “Over on EcBlogue, Rob Hardy has a fascinating piece on economic thinking in Sophocles’ Antigone…”

*This follows the MLA format for citing “an article in a newspaper or on a newswire” published online. See Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Fifth Edition. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1999. 187 (4.9.4.b.).


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